The Muggs at Radio Zidul

12 Nov

Cristian BODNĂRESCU Who could have thought that a famous rock band is still unknown for romanian public? If you wanna listen to quality music corellated with social attitude, fight against evil and spiritual themes, you will want to follow these … Read More »

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The Borgias

17 Apr

The Borgia family was a dominant one in Renaissance Italy. Rodrigo Borgia, also known as Pope Alexander VI, his son Cesare and his daughter Lucrezia passed the test of time, being remembered as greedy and vicious but also charming. Rodrigo … Read More »

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Steps of Success Trophy

11 Jan

The “Steps of Success” TV show marked the transition into the new year, 2013, having Cristian Bodnarescu as a special guest, awarding him the Steps of success trophy for his entire career. All those who want to watch the first … Read More »

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Saint John and the New Light

8 Aug

Cristian BODNARESCU MOTTO: I dedicate this story to the Holy Martyr John the New of Suceava   Spirit of the seas The icy night weighs heavily on the earthly beings, the timeless sea bringing a flicker when the foamy waves … Read More »

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Romanian Spirituality

3 Aug

Cristian BODNARESCU In the year of 2004 I created this section with the program schedule of Romanian Broadcasting (Radiodifuziunea Romana), as a producer. I approached different subjects, pleading for the union of Bessarabia with Romania and going all the way … Read More »

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The Story of Balta Outlaw

3 Aug

Cristian BODNARESCU The history of the outlaw The outlaw was the name given to those characters from the modern age in Balkans, especially in: Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia, around which many legends were created. Within the stories of these legends, … Read More »

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