Steps of Success Trophy

11 Jan

The “Steps of Success” TV show marked the transition into the new year, 2013, having Cristian Bodnarescu as a special guest, awarding him the Steps of success trophy for his entire career. All those who want to watch the first … Read More »

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Biography film about Cristian Bodnarescu

14 Dec

On September 15th 2012, the TV show “The Steps of Success” directed by Elena Toma will have a special guest: the author Cristian Bodnarescu. Those who will watch the show Saturday from 18 to 19 hours, on “Curier TV” TV … Read More »

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Saint John and the New Light

8 Aug

Cristian BODNARESCU MOTTO: I dedicate this story to the Holy Martyr John the New of Suceava   Spirit of the seas The icy night weighs heavily on the earthly beings, the timeless sea bringing a flicker when the foamy waves … Read More »

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Romanian Spirituality

3 Aug

Cristian BODNARESCU In the year of 2004 I created this section with the program schedule of Romanian Broadcasting (Radiodifuziunea Romana), as a producer. I approached different subjects, pleading for the union of Bessarabia with Romania and going all the way … Read More »

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The Story of Balta Outlaw

3 Aug

Cristian BODNARESCU The history of the outlaw The outlaw was the name given to those characters from the modern age in Balkans, especially in: Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia, around which many legends were created. Within the stories of these legends, … Read More »

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Great Romania

3 Aug

27th of March is a historical day for the Republic of Moldavia and Romania; today is the celebration of the union of Bessarabia and the homeland. In many counties from the Republic of Moldavia this event was celebrated. Many manifestations … Read More »

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The Bridge from Cernavoda

24 Jul

Anghel Saligny (1854 – 1925) led and designed the construction of the Cernavoda bridge (1890 – 1895), which goes over the Danube, the longest in Europe at the time and the third in the world. Academician Anghel Saligny was an … Read More »

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Bucovina- romanian territory

24 Jul

Cristian BODNARESCU I was always impressed by Bucovina Romanian lands. There prevails a special Romanian tradition and patriotism. Also, I never could understand why they are not included in geographical territory of Romania, if they are Romanian lands by tradition… … Read More »

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World record at poem

24 Jul

Rarely, in a controversial time, as that we live in, in a world of “fast-food”, Romania gets the deserved and desired attention, regarding the cultural events born here, intended to make a splash in Europe and not only. 397 total views, … Read More »

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