Compact Over the Years

26 Feb

paul ciuci- cristian bodnarescu- adrian tinca coco
Wednesday 27th of February 2013 Zidul radio will broadcast the show “Compact Over the Years” ( Cristian Bodnarescu and the editor Cornelia Anuta invite you to two hours of hard rock and heavy metal music, between 8-10 p.m.
Lelut Vasilescu, Paul Ciuci and Adrian Tinca Coco will be the guests of the show.
During the 36 years of activity, Compact shared the stage with some of the greatest rock bands, such as Scorpions or Europe, having hundreds of millions of searches on the internet.

lelut vasilescu
Lelut Vasilescu: Compact blends in the history of the Romanian people, in the sense that in the 36 years of activity our band has evolved on the Romanian stages. There are probably 2 or 3 villages where we didn’t have a concert; besides those we sang all over the country. We think that all those who love us from Romania should be able to see us, and there are plenty.

paul ciuci
Paul Ciuci: Compact is a very lucky band, considering that it has a long life and it is loved by two generations; thing confirmed to us during the tours. The fact that we are a cheerful group doesn’t stop us from being creative and respectful towards our public. It is obvious that not all our moments were joyful and we can’t deny it. If I could turn back the time and do it again I would, believe me! The fact that we lost two friends who were just as crazy as we are affected us. We don’t like the idea everybody tries to adopt, the one of getting stuck in time. The tragedy of Teo devastated all of us. But we also had Emil Laghia; we cared for him just as much, even if his case wasn’t as mediatized as Teo’s. Those two were very cheerful; you even forgot what you’re supposed to do when they were around. And over the years I still remember them as if the time had stopped… Just think of one thing: since the beginning of Comapact we spent more time with the band than with our families. People ask us what is the secret of Compact’s longevity. If there is a secret that would be that you have to be crazy. The pauses break us down; the act in itself goes by too quickly.

Adrian Tinca Coco
Adrian Tinca Coco: I knew the members of Compact 16 years before becoming a member myself, working with them as a sound engineer, having a truss company. I’ve worked with many Romanian bands, being a guitarist and bass sound maker. I had a collaboration with Teo Peter who worked with my equipment and so we became friends. When Paul Ciuci asked me to join the band I felt honored; to take over Teo Peter’s 27 years work and carry it on! It is not easy to play with Compact, there are technical compositions characteristic to Compact, even if they are accessible to the public.

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