December 21st 2012

21 Dec

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Most certainly each and every one of you knows something about 2012, many theories being widely spread for the last few years. My partner in the dialog regarding this subject is Professor Viorel Dontu.
Cristian Bodnarescu: Throughout the years we’ve witnessed many systems of calculating world ending, including the Chinese and Muslim system. Now we rediscover an ancient culture: Maya, who invented a modern way of computing the time and the astronomic system: the Mayan calendar. The Mayan calendar ends on December 21st 2012. At the same date, according to the Mayan, all the planets will come to line in the center of the Galaxy, which used to be interpreted as a bad omen. How do you interpret this Mayan end of the world? Did the Mayan end this calendar by their own will, or they were about to continue it, but they disappeared?
Viorel Dontu: The Mayan couldn’t have had such knowledge, at the time, in order to be able to estimate the end of the world. It is, plain and simple, a scientifically date, in which our galaxy, the Milky Way, will get into the center of the Universe. I couldn’t tell if it is true or not and if we can realize these things. I think that the researchers want to give a purely scientifically form, religion also having a word to say. Throughout the time there were many people believing in the end of the world, having false believes. When there is a bridge between two millennia, there are lots of people getting scared. When natural disasters occur, such as earthquakes or others alike, there is a tendency in believing that the end of the world is coming, but this tendency occurs in a certain social class. These events are like ant mounds in some people’s minds. I could say that people feel themselves in front of the Universe and cycling phenomena. They believe that something ends, but in fact nothing ever comes to an end. Everything is born and reborn, everything comes to life. We can’t be all knowing, but I can say that the world will not come to an end in 2012! Disasters have been and will always be there. Some believe that what happened to those twin towers have changed the entire world. One of the factors, for example, is the terrorism. It is not a new phenomenon, but it has been around for some time. Let’s just think what happened in the past in Ireland or Spain, those kinds of terrorist attacks are still happening today. It just happened that the Arab world caught this phenomenon and used it for the bad. Maybe someday, when the access to certain information will be permitted, we will be able to understand more, but this will happen only in the far future.

Cristian Bodnarescu: Is there any connection between the global warming and ice age, magnetic pole shift and the alignment of the planets and a certain end or beginning? Were there any similar events in the past?
Viorel Dontu: All these global warming which keeps coming is normal for a scientific world. Sometimes these phenomena take place at thousands of years apart. Human kind is like an ant compared to the Time. People are like ants moving more or less. The Time is enormous; we are small compared to the existence of a human being. How long can a human being live? Of course, in the Bible there stories about people who lived a thousand years, but a normal man can live a hundred years having a normal life, without doing strong and slow drugs, such as tobacco or alcohol. It is said that the dinosaurs disappeared because of a meteorite, but it’s not true. You could have seen for yourself what happened in Russia, when that meteorite fell, it didn’t cause the disappearance of a certain species. All these phenomena appear because they exist. The magnetic pols can shift, but it doesn’t mean anything. If there are many weak and steady earthquakes there won’t be any big ones, it’s a fact. We will never be able to predict these kinds of things. We don’t even know too much about us, human beings; there are too few we know about the human brain. Human kind made developments in genetics, or regarding the cells, we manage to fight some diseases, but in other fields … we know too little.

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Cristian Bodnarescu: What past events produced changes? Are these changes always negative?

Viorel Dontu: The history could have been structured otherwise, than to say Napoleon could have won at Waterloo, but it didn’t happened. What would have happened if Hitler would’ve won the Second World War? There is the big “if”, because if which we can’t know how things would be. The human kind could have been created by other beings, but I couldn’t tell. Some say that “Humanity is created in the image and likeness of God”. I had a friend, a poet, who used to say: “Alright, alright, but if God is so great and all that, why couldn’t He make us perfect?” I don’t know, I don’t think we can be perfect. If we would be perfect, it could be worse and I don’t think it would be nice. I think this form of civilization urges us to get better. One of the reasons the world changed is the massive cutting of the forests. There are talks about a longer winter, but the winter used to be like this in Romania. What we witnessed in the past few years wasn’t a real winter. But on the bright side, a harsh winter would kill some viruses and bacteria. Sometimes is better if we think positively and take the bright side of the things. The 2012 phenomenon is nothing but a purely astronomic date. It’s not the first time when the planets get in line and the expected outcome seems negative, but as back then nothing happened, neither will now. I’m trying to make a wake-up call, so the people stop thinking that 2012 brings unusual happenings. Nothing will happen. Our Solar System will get into the center of the Milky Way. Some say that it will collide with other galaxies, but it is hard to predict such a thing. Personally, I don’t believe it. Nobody knows when the end will come; a correct date is impossible to give. In the Bible there are those cities, Sodom and Gomorrah, and it is said that there were some atomic bomb attacks. I don’t know. The history repeats itself with Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Human kind moved on, nothing happened and other disasters occurred. Again, the Bible tells the story of Noah… and there is the great story of Atlantis. There are movies, there are books, but there is no exact date. The father of history, Herodotus, who firstly wrote about Atlantis, mentions something, but nothing definite. There is a possibility that this continent existed, but we are looking for it and can’t find it. Biblical dates, on the other hand, are real and closer to us. There are some precise dates regarding the Noah’s Ark. Troy, for example was discovered, revealing that legends might be true.


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