Saint John and the New Light

8 Aug


MOTTO: I dedicate this story to the Holy Martyr John the New of Suceava


Spirit of the seas

The icy night weighs heavily on the earthly beings, the timeless sea bringing a flicker when the foamy waves enchant themselves splashing the moonlit shore. The silent darkness of the endless sea reveals stories for long forgotten in time and space. The ship is moving on the sailing path while the wind is lifting heavy waves. The old bridge is glowing under the moonlight, showing a glimpse of young John’s sorrowful and devoted face.

The truth and Zoroaster

“If you think you can give away the beautiful life for your pitiful ideas, all you have to do is suffer further!”

“For me is a pleasure to be able to weaken my physical body, this way strengthening my spirit, for the spirit is timeless while dust will eventually turn to dust.”

“Comply with the truth and you shall have a beautiful life with us, we will receive you as our brother and the Indian shamans will heal your physical wounds. The Sun gives us life while the stars dwell for us and the light of the fire burns the passing of the time.”

“The Sun, just like the rest of the stars, has been created by God to serve us, not for us to serve it. At the foundation of the stars and galaxies rests the true light from which everything was born and which is God, which has no time of birth and which is timeless, only the stars and the other lights made by Him will come to an end. And God let the other worlds to us, the people, just as it is written in the Bible (The Books of Moses). I will gladly receive the punishment on my body, which is made from the same substance as your Highness’s stars, tailoring my eternal light robe on my immortal body, which will last even when the stars of your lordship will be for long gone from the sky. Forget about your deceitful believes and come with me towards the true God, there is still time for you!”

Many blows and humiliation were thrown then by the White City ruler towards the brave John, knight of Trebizond.


The visions from prison

The nightly meeting with the angels of light

The gloomy dripping of the water can be heard in the darkling prison, along with the convicts’ cries. Disease bearing rats crawl on the sodden concrete with the blood of those convicted in the White City.

The iron gate of the cell is brutally opened and a tortured young man will be thrown on the concrete. After the beating, the torturers tie him on the wall in chains, closing the mourning gate.

The tormented man by wounds and pain was groaning when the Angels of Light descended from Heaven to take care of the Saint’s wounds.

The sea wind began to blow and the tresses of the beautiful youths which descended into the prison were mixing with those of John, still a living being.

Too little is setting the young man apart from the Kingdom of Heaven and his martyrdom.


The road is hard and the heavy steams of mist are desolating the wood.  The cold darkness is falling on the ranger whose steps can be heard as in a dream.

Demonic spirits brought the darkness with them and rushing along the river they’re looking for their prey.

Facing the thick brimstone, the forester starts looking for his horse which was taken by the evil forces.

Far away a lighted path can be seen, where the young Saint John is waiting in silence.

The next day the forester is found speechless, but reaching to the relics of Saint John the New, he gains his voice back.

Futuristic clairvoyance takes hold of the young martyr while he’s in chains, the miracle of the forester and possessed people which will come to see him. There is only one path.


Lights in the sky

A new day has come and the dust of darkness brought a damned horse this time, from the depths of Hell. Young John was tied to the horse and dragged on the roads of the city, pieces of his flash coming off his body.

The cruel pain was getting in every cell of his body, but along with the death of his physical body, a new cell of energetic body was coming to life, which will never disintegrate.


“When will we meet Father? I still live the time of martyrdom with pain and joy.”

“What do you mean by time son? There is no time and space and there is nothing new under the sun. You are now with me, we are both watching the lie of the time and you are still trapped in this destiny you took upon yourself. The pain will be gone in a second, just as the life itself. Today my angels shall dance with you and I will be waiting for you to a heavenly meal, where we shall drink the wine of knowledge. ”

A sword came down from Heaven and the head of the young, a martyr now, John was separated from his body.

The angels of the army of light descended celebrating to bring Saint John new garments, the one, who starting from now is the stair to Heaven for all people. The celestial celebration is going on and the statues of the sinners holding bows in their hands are frozen in time, admiring the divine work. The Lights are on Earth as well as in Heaven.

In the name of our lord Jesus Christ suffering, Holy Martyr John the New has clothed his body with the roses of wounds and the bleedings of martyrdom adorning it.


Cristian Bodnarescu

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