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3 Aug

radio zidul

Today 26th of March 2010 is the official set off of “Zidul” (Wall – translated from Romanian) radio station. The idea of “wall” was founded in November 2009, when I founded the online newspaper” Zidul”.

Radio being one of my soft spots, I thought I should come up with an original concept, and create an online radio station along with the “Zidul” newspaper. The founders of “Zidul” radio are: I, Viorel Dontu and Hoblea Călin Selver.

If you appreciate culture, spirituality and rock music this radio station is meant for you. Our radio will broadcast: “A day in 3600 seconds” (from Monday to Sunday, starting with 21 o’clock until 22:30 o’clock), “The Heroes of Rock” (every Thursday, from 20:00 to 21:00) and “Death zone” (every Saturday from 20:00 to 21:00).

Even if we are still working at the program schedule, we have listeners from over 30 countries: Romania, United States of America, Moldavia Republic, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, France, Greece, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Turkey, Slovenia, Poland, China, Israel, Argentine, Great Britain, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia and Austria.

Although the broadcasting is in Romanian, there are many foreign listeners, who appreciate the music.

My name is Cristian Bodnarescu and I invite you to join me in the future years, listening to “Zidul” radio, by accessing the links: www.ziarulzidul.ro and www.radiozidul.ro

Media partners: the Nationalist, Media Channel and Zidul newspaper.

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