Romanian Spirituality

3 Aug



In the year of 2004 I created this section with the program schedule of Romanian Broadcasting (Radiodifuziunea Romana), as a producer.

I approached different subjects, pleading for the union of Bessarabia with Romania and going all the way through science, culture or poetry, but also attacking sects as MISA.

I visited the land of Odessa in 2005, as a producer of Romanian Broadcasting (Radiodifuziunea Romana). Afterwards I published an article, “Music brings bird flu”, this being promoted by central and international mass media. Shortly after the publishing of the article major changes were made inside the Romanian Consulship from Odessa.


The section of Romanian Spirituality was promoting in 5 years by many media brands: the Nationalist, Universe newspaper, The Colorado Bug, Eastern Journal, Ialomita newspaper, Antenna 1, Sever Press, Scribd and Libertatea newspaper.

I wish to go on with this section at least for as long as I live believing that the promotion of spirituality and national spirit is necessary in country of which lands were stolen and the lack of national values dominates. I also decided to insert this section into Zidul newspaper.


Cristian Bodnarescu

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