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3 Aug

27th of March is a historical day for the Republic of Moldavia and Romania; today is the celebration of the union of Bessarabia and the homeland. In many counties from the Republic of Moldavia this event was celebrated.

Many manifestations related to this event took place in Chisinau- taking flowers to the graves of the deputies of Moldavian Parliament (Sfatul Tarii) and the leaders of national revival movement at the Central Orthodox Cemetery, as well as to the grave of Pantelimon Halippa; the opening of “Union in mind and feelings” exhibition; taking flowers to the statue of Saint Stephan the Great. Also many cultural-artistic events and a scientific symposium were taking place as a part of the celebration.

Representing Romania, there were the President of the Deputy Chamber and ex-Miss Romania Roberta Anastase, who chose to spend her birth-day with the Moldavian brothers and the Interim of Moldavia Republic, Mihai Ghimpu, well known for his pro-Romanian visions.

Just as in Chisinau, the celebration took place in the Nordic capital, the municipality of Balti. A historical paradox … in 1918 the city of Balti was the first in Moldavian Democratic Republic¬† (Bessarabia) to agree with the union of Bessarabia with Romania, but currently it represent the stronghold of Communism and anti-Romanian doctrine.

The New Right and National-Christian movement from Bessarabia organized a march and a meeting at Balti. Tudor Ionescu, the leader of the New Right from Romania, also took part at the manifestation. More than 100 youths from Bessarabia, Wallachia, Transylvania and Moldavia participated to the manifestation.

They were all caring banners and chanting slogans. The place of the gathering was studded by tens of Romanian flags, unfortunately some unwanted events happening as well. Some of the locals with pro-Moldavia visions manifested themselves violently. Many patriotic songs rose from the crowd. After 2 hours of meeting in Balti, the demonstrators left for Orhei, where a similar meeting took place, from there getting to Chisinau at the end of day.


Liudmila Ialau

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