World record at poem

24 Jul


Rarely, in a controversial time, as that we live in, in a world of “fast-food”, Romania gets the deserved and desired attention, regarding the cultural events born here, intended to make a splash in Europe and not only.

The young poet from Iasi, Cristian Bodnarescu, is breaking the world record at … poem. Yes, you read correctly, not the longest sausage, not the biggest polenta, not the most Santa Clauses… – no, at poem, composing the lonegst Romantic poem in Universal Literature, record which comes, in chronological order, to beat the one held, until recently, by Mihai Eminescu with his Evening Star, homologated at the beginning of 2009, by the most prestigious organization in rocognizing world records, World Record Academy, Miami.

She Demon is, besides the world record of Romantic poetry, “an original artistic work, an interpenetration in demonic spirits’ world, an attempt of finding the truth. The influence of Romanticism is obvious in the poem, but the fantastic perpetually dominates” as prof. Teo-Teodor Marsalcovschi finds.

The poem was published at the beginning of November, by Renaissance publishing house in Bucharest, and presented on the national tv channel, TVR1.

From the beginning of 2010 the poem will be available in bookstores.

Sorin Alexandru Şontea

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