The Bridge from Cernavoda

24 Jul

Podul de la Cernavoda

Anghel Saligny (1854 – 1925) led and designed the construction of the Cernavoda bridge (1890 – 1895), which goes over the Danube, the longest in Europe at the time and the third in the world.

Academician Anghel Saligny was an innovator in construction techniques, president and vice-president of Romanian Academy. He was born on April the 19th, just a few days before academician Gheorghe Balş, born on April the 24th.


Gheorghe Balş was an engineer and art historian. He and Anghel Saligny collaborate on the project of Cernavoda bridge construction. He was a researcher in Romanian architecture history, but also the vice-president of the Romanian Academy, just as Anghel Saligny ( a fate similar to that of the first Romanian Romantic poets, Samson Bodnărescu and Mihai Eminescu).

The issue of the Bridge of Cernavoda will be discussed on “A day in 3600 seconds” , Tuesday, April the 20, directed by Cristian Bodnarescu.


Academician Cristian Bodnarescu

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