The Botanic Garden from Iasi

24 Jul

botanical garden


The Botanical Garden is one of my favorite places. Unlike the one from Cluj, the Botanical Garden from Iasi has its specific charm, due to its vast areas, where plants grow just like in the wilderness.

Besides its numerous greenhouses, the Botanical Garden also has parks, statues, hills and forests, a lake and a church with a small cemetery.

The existence of the Botanical Garden of Iasi, the first and largest in Romania, has a troubled history, covering a period exceeding a century and a half …

It all happened in 1856, in Iasi, when the naturalist doctor Anastasie Fatu, bought a land, close to the Yellow Coomb, on which he built the Botanical Garden. The Garden lasted until doctor Fatu’s death, in 1886, when his descendants sold the land gave up the botanical material gathered by Anastasie Fatu in a lifetime.


iasi botanical garden


All that is left to remind us today of the first Botanical Garden in Romania and its founder Anastasie Fatu, are two streets near the Yellow Coomb: Anastasie Fatu street and Florilor street.

Stimulated by the interest of Anastasie Fatu’s initiative to found a botanical garden, “Naturalists and Physicians Society” from Iasi, build in 1873 a second Botanical Garden around the headquarters of the company, currently being “The Museum of Natural History”. Most of the plants of the actual Botanical Garden have been provided by Anastasie Fatu.

In 1921, prof. Al. Popovici founded a new botanical garden on the land behind the new University building, where a complex of greenhouses is built for tropical plants. In 1964, the Botanical Garden is moven on Copu Hill, where is still to be found today.


Cristian Bodnarescu

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